In March 1978, The Economist recruited KAL to become their first resident cartoonist in their then 135-year history.

Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) is the international award-winning editorial cartoonist for The Economist magazine of London and The Baltimore Sun.
In a distinguished career than spans 39 years, Kal has created over 8000 cartoons and 140 magazine covers. His resumé includes six collections of his published work, exhibitions in a dozen countries, awards and honors in seven.

These awards include Feature Cartoonist of the Year (UK), The Thomas Nast Prize (Germany) Cartoon of the Year (Europe), and The 2017 Berryman award (US), Herblock Prize (US) and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize (US).

The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons said of Kevin “Commanding a masterful style, Kallaugher stands among the premier caricaturists of the (twentieth) century.”

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/kaltoons
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Kaltoons
Website:  http://www.kaltoons.com

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