Nick Brokenshire

He grew up in rural Scotland, "literally up a small mountain called the Hill Of Fare," at the bottom which was an ancient stone circle!

Nick Brokenshire is a comic book artist from Aberdeen, Scotland who lives in the North of England. Nick is a writer/artist for IDW’s STAR WARS ADVENTURES, including stories that feature IG-88 and MAX REBO. As well as being the co-creator/artist/colorist of THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN (Dark Horse) and AMELIA COLE (IDW); Nick has also worked on stories and covers for 2000AD, JUDGE DREDD (IDW) and ROBOTECH (Titan). When he is not working on his most recent graphic novel SHE’S NOT THERE with Ellis Bojar, Nick is the guitarist and singer in the increasingly popular BLUES HARVEST, known for their genre and movie-centric party tunes.


Nick Brokenshire's NCSFest Schedule:

Darth Vader & Son
Saturday, May 18 - 10:15 am
Hyatt Regency - Vista Room
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Crime Lords
Saturday, May 18 - 2:15 pm
Hyatt Regency - Vista Room
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How to Draw Space Creatures!
Sunday, May 19 - 2:45 pm
Main St. Library

by Nick Brokenshire

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