The Art of Funny

Presented by GoComics

Join Garfield and US Acres creator, JIM DAVIS, as he pulls back the curtain on Paws Inc. with an NCS exclusive presentation deconstructing the art of humor. Jim shares his journey from making his mom laugh, his influences, as well as his origins in Indiana attempting stand-up comedy around the time his Ball State dorm-mate, was giving it a try… and went on to become one of the most legendary Late Night Hosts in America.

Jim explores his theory on how humor can heal and get us through tough times, as well as how he believes it won a Presidential election.

This session then takes a further deep dive into the power of humor, the mechanics of gags used in cartoons and comic strips, character-construction, personalities and relationships, the importance of the reader in the writing process, which days of the week to run your strongest and weakest gags, his team’s writing process, the importance of what you don’t see, the art of pantomime, using real-world names and events in a comic strip, transitioning comic strips into film and television and most importantly, what he thinks is funny. This is one very special presentation not-to-be-missed!

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