The Superstar Cartoonists of Instagram

Presented by Comics Kingdom

In this exclusive NCSFest session, Editorial Director for Comics at King Features, TEA FOUGNER, interviews some of the most popular cartoonists on Instagram, including GEMMA CORRELL, LINIERS, LUKE McGARRY, MARITSA PATRINOS and creator of The Awkward Yeti, NICK SELUK.

The session delves into the different journey of each creator in cultivating an audience on an ever-evolving visual social media platform, as well as their daily process of creating for an audience who very readily reply to their work. From people getting offended by their work, to figuring out a creative process that stays unique to the artist, this is a one-of-a-kind discussion for anyone interested in the future of making a living as a cartoonist in the digital age.

Hosted by: TEA FOUGNER

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