So you failed at cartooning! Settling for a career in animation

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Join Mike Hollingsworth and Pete Michels as they sit down with award-winning cartoon voice actor, Alicyn Packard to discuss their journey from aspiring to be newspaper and magazine cartoonists, to working on the biggest properties in animation today. Mike and Pete answer questions like “If you met cartoonists who were interested in going from cartooning to animation what advice would you give them?” This is a funny, wide-ranging and informative chat not to be missed!

Mike Hollingsworth​ is the Supervising Director of BoJack Horseman, ​Season 1 of Tuca and Bertie and now an Executive Producer over at Netflix Animation.

Pete Michels​ is ​Supervising Director of seasons 1 and 2 of Rick and Morty, Supervising Director of Family Guy and a director in the first 10 seasons of The Simpsons.​

​Alicyn ​Packard​ is ​a veteran voice actor having lent her voice to a myriad of projects for television, radio, film & web. Nominated for four Voice Arts Awards for excellence in voiceover, and a BTVA Award for “Best Female Lead Vocal Performance,” she can be heard daily bringing to life over a dozen popular animated characters​, like “Rugrats”(Josh) as well as “The Tom and Jerry Show” (Toodles), seasons 1 & 2 of in the hit Disney XD series and theatrical movie “YoKai-Watch” (Jibanyan, Komajiro, Nate’s Mom), NBC/Sprout’s “Space Racers” (Robyn) “Poppy Cat” (Alma), “The Mr. Men Show” (Sunshine, Naughty & Whoops) and more.

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