Jason Chatfield

Artist and writer on the latest incarnation of the long-running Australian comic strip Ginger Meggs, Jason's magazine clients include MAD Magazine and The New Yorker.

Jason Chatfield is Australia’s most widely syndicated cartoonist, producing the iconic comic strip Ginger Meggs which appears daily in over 120 newspapers in 34 countries through Andrews McMeel Syndication. Ginger Meggs has been running since 1921, making it one of the longest-running comic strips in history.

Now based in New York, he is also the co-host of the wildly popular weekly podcast “Is There Something In This?” with Scott Dooley; a show about coming up with New Yorker cartoons.

His cartoons appear regularly in The New Yorker and MAD Magazine along with other international publications. His work has been exhibited in France, the UK, Australia, and all over the United States.

Chatfield is the current Vice President of the National Cartoonists’ Society and is Associate Director of NCSFest, assisting with logistics.

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